Viking Tactics Ultralight Vertical Grip

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Viking Tactics Ultralight Vertical Grip

Viking Tactics Inc. Ultra-light Vertical Grip is the evolution of all other vertical grips. The weight of plastic but the strength of metal, these grips will not let you down.

This grip has been skeletonized to reduce weight as well as allow for the installation of 2ea AA or 2ea CR123. There are no caps to lose, simply an O-ring that retains the batteries in place. The VTAC UVG has been shortened to the proper length to provide great grip without excess length. This system will also eliminate any unwanted rattling. The VTAC-UVG grip is attached with the Patented DLOC system, this system will not harm your rail and requires no tools for installation.

You asked, we listened! Customers requested a version of the UVG that is not quick-release and here it is, the VTAC-UVGA1. Same robust locking bars with a flat or philips head screw to allow a more permanent solution. This vertical grip will not harm your rail and is ready for anything you throw at it. Now your choices are between the DLOC system and the screw system as well as the standard slots or the 45' angled slots. Pick the one that fits your needs best!

Viking Tactics 
Ultralight Vertical Grip (screws) 
Product Code: 
Color: Scorched Earth
Weight: 3.4 Ounces
Material: CNC Machined 6061T
Aircraft Type Aluminum
Type II Anodized

Made in the United States of America


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