DRT 9MM 85 GRAIN Frangible HP - 100 ROUNDS

DRT 9MM 85 GRAIN Frangible HP - 100 ROUNDS

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 Frangible Ammunition



Our frangible bullet breaks apart upon penetration of an organic target and returns to its original powder form while still being able to deliver terminal effects on the target. The high density frangible bullets will disintegrate upon impact with a hard target such as steel or rock and thus reduce the risk of ricochet and personal injury.

The powder core technology has been around for a while. However current examples on the market have little to no accuracy and limited frangibility. DRT is the first company to figure out how to stabilize the bullet in flight to achieve high accuracy and full dispersion of the powdered core in the wound cavity creating extensive Terminal Ballistics.


20 rounds per box´╗┐

5 boxes per case



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